Online Erasmus Card – Ecard

Are you an Erasmus student in Budapest? Do you want to enjoy the best of the city with amazing discounts and benefits? Then you need the Erasmus Life Budapest card!

The Erasmus Life Budapest card is your ultimate companion for your semester abroad. It gives you free entry to the most popular clubs and exclusive events, such as the legendary pool and boat parties. It also offers you tons of discounts at restaurants, bars, gyms, beauty centers, and many more.

But wait, there’s more! The Erasmus Life Budapest card is now online! That means you don’t need to carry a physical card with you anymore. You can access all the discounts and benefits with your smartphone. Just scan the QR code at the partner venues and enjoy!

How to get your online Erasmus Life Budapest card? It’s easy! Just fill out the form on our website, take your ID picture if you want a physical card, and come to the office. After that, you will get access to the Online Erasmus Card app. The app will show you all the partners and discounts available, as well as the upcoming events and trips.

We recommend that you install the app on your device for a better user experience. The app is a PWA, which means it is a progressive web app that can run on any device and platform. It can provide a native-like experience to the users.

To install the app, you need to follow these steps:

By installing the app, you will be able to access it faster and enjoy a full-screen experience without any browser interface. You will also receive notifications and updates from the app when they are available.

  • For iOS devices: Open the app in your browser and tap the share button (a box with an arrow pointing up) at the bottom of the screen. Then, scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen. You will see an icon of the app on your home screen, which you can tap to launch the app.
  • For Android devices: Open the app in your browser and tap the menu button (three dots) in the top right corner. Then, tap Add to Home screen and confirm. You will see an icon of the app on your home screen, which you can tap to launch the app.

To use the app, you need to log in with your email address that you used for registering on our website. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) that you need to enter to verify your identity. You only need to log in once, after that you can use the app without logging in again.

The app will generate a new online ELB card number and QR code for you every time you log in. This is for security reasons, so that no one else can use your card. The previous code will be invalid after you log out or log in again.

Before you use your online ELB card for the first time, you need to upload a picture of yourself on the app. The picture must meet these requirements:

  • A color photo formatted similar to an ID card, Student Card, driver’s license or passport photo
  • The background must be a solid white or a light color
  • Your face and shoulders must be in the frame and be facing forward
  • NO sunglasses, hats, funny faces, props/emojis, or anyone else in the photo
  • NO photo-shopped or altered photos
  • The ELB staff will approve your picture personally before you can use your online ELB card without an ID card. Until then, you need to show your ID card along with your online ELB card at the partner venues.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make the most of your Erasmus experience in Budapest. Get your online Erasmus Life Budapest card today and join the ELB community!

We will make your exchange in Budapest the best time of your life!

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Partners & Discounts

Would you like 1€ beer every night in famous ruin pubs? All you can eat food with 25% discount? And how about an unlimited 3-month gym pass? These are only a few of the discounts you can access with the ELB card! Check out the detailed list of our partners and discounts