ELB Card Photo Manual

What you need

  • Mobile Phone
  • Clear picture/selfie showing your Face
  • At least 200Ft

9 Steps

  1. Walk over to the DM.
  2. Find the Photo Printing Machine. It’s a Red Cewe Machine in the middle of the store, it’s hard to miss it. If you walk straight once you go in you will definitely see it.
  3. Adjust the language. If you are getting an ELB card then chances are that you are not fluent in Hungarian. As the machine will most likely be in Hungarian you can change the language according to your preference. To change the language, tap the HU button on the top section of the screen. Once you tap this button, the a screen will pop up offering numerous language options.
  4. Connect your Mobile Phone to the machine. For this step the machine provides you with two options. You can either connect your Mobile Phone to the machine via cable or Bluetooth. Once it’s connected to the machine you have to allow the machine to access your pictures in your phone, a pop up notification will appear on your mobile phone.
  5. Choose the correct photo printing design and dimensions. This may be the trickiest part of this process. It is important you select the correct dimensions so the picture can fit nicely in your ELB Card. Firstly, select the “Creative Instant Photos” option. Once you’ve selected this option you will be presented with more options and this is where you have to select the “Instant Photo set” option. Following this the machine will ask you to select the dimensions of the photo. This is where you have to select the “30x40mm” option. Another important part of this stage is the Single Image or Multiple-image photo set feature. If you are by yourself printing just your own picture then select the single image photo option. If you are with a group then select the Multi-image photo set as this allows you to print different pictures in the same page and therefore you only have to print once.
  6. Collect your photo set. The photo set will drop down in a compartment located at the bottom of the machine. To grab the photo set you just need to slide the plastic window up.
  7. Pay for the photo printing. After receiving your receipt from the machine, take the receipt to the counter to pay for the printing. If you have followed all the instructions in this manual then you should have to pay only 199Ft for the photo set.
  8. Head Back to our lovely office Once you have your photo set and you already paid for it then make your way back to our office, It’s not hard to get lost. If you make it back to our office then you will be greeted by our lovely ELB Staff, make sure to hand your photo set to them and they will take care of the rest 😉
  9. Enjoy the numerous discounts of our ELB Card. Lucky for you, this card unlocks many exclusive discounts that can be used across the city.

If you already bring your own picture with the appropriate dimensions (30x40mm) it would facilitate the ELB Card collection process immensely.