About us

First of all, let us introduce ourselves, the ELB core crew. ELB was founded by 4 people. The team was expanded with 2 daily event managers, who are responsible for daily and smaller programs like beerbike, paintball, lasertag, go-kart, or pubcrawl. The whole crew is way bigger now.

We also have a media team, which consits of a professional photographer, video team, and graphician. A whole animation group is also working for us, organizing different styled games on our events. We also have a host & hostess crew up to 6 ppl/event.
The incredible entertainment team is providing LED and fire show on all of our events, always in different style. We are connected with a lot of partners and stakeholders.

ELB provides a wide range of programs for Erasmus students. We are norganising trips in Hungary, and also to the surrounding countries. We are hosting the best Erasmus parties in Budapest. We give all of the neccessary information for the students, prior to and upon their arrivals.

We also have our own ELB Card available, which provides a wide range of discounts for places such as restaurants, bars, events, etc… All of this in our leading ELB quality. Our main goal is to bring all of the Erasmus students together. In addition to our weekly parties, we also organise unique, bigger parties monthly, for example our legendary pool party, or the biggest boat party in the city. We have established certain goals and we are determined on reaching them.